This Simple Rule Will Make You a Better Recruiter

by Biron Clark,,

There are a lot of metrics for measuring recruiting success. Most recruiters focus on the big statistics: the number of placements made, interviews received, candidates submitted or commissions earned.

It’s easy to set goals with these metrics in mind, but what type of day-to-day adjustments will improve these numbers and allow you to reach your goals? Let’s start with one easy step.

The 50 percent rule

The 50 percent rule says you should make sure the candidate is speaking at least 50 percent of the time in each conversation you have with them. (Click here to Tweet this rule.) Fifty percent is a bare minimum or baseline. If the candidate ends up talking 70 to 80 percent of the time on a phone call, that’s great.

Do you talk more than 50 percent on your calls? Some recruiters are above 75 percent. Start noticing your ratio and work toward bringing your number below 50 percent. The easiest way to change this ratio is to ask questions and listen to the answers, and not interrupt.