Does Your Company Still Just Focus On LinkedIn?

by¬†Change¬†is a big word, and for some it is represents pain and discomfort – especially in recruitment. But why change when you can take the easy route every time, knowing that you won’t get questioned too often – even if that the chosen route doesn’t deliver? This is also call the path of least resistance, and it is a common direction for way too many recruiters!

Well for 2014 change is going to be necessary if you are involved in recruitment. [And that includes me as well – watch this space for my changes for 2014!] The staple social diet of recruiters (both corporates and agencies) – LinkedIn – is the primary professional network that we all utilise for sourcing, networking and business development. However, there are many, many more prospective candidates in other social networks, as demonstrated in the graphic I have put together above. (These latest stats are directly from each of the networks at the end of last year)